StreetPin, a digital network of local, community pin boards.

Our crowd funding campaign is NOW LIVE!

StreetPin has been evolving for a couple of years now; testing, researching, testing again and we are now looking to move from our latest test version to a fully usable launch version and we need a little support to fund this.

We are looking to prove our concept and need to raise £5-10k to create and promote our launch campaign in Croydon, our fantastic launch pad. We're also looking to match-fund the money raised via a business loan to make sure we can hit the ground running.

Our launch will also form the blueprint for approaching 11,000 High Streets in the UK and many other markets, so you're really helping us getting going in every sense of the word.

Our Crowd Funding page is going live on Wednesday 15th October and will run for 30 days only!

Rewards - Our campaign rewards are based on you being able to tangibly and effectively interact in any given location, whether that be creating or expanding a community, helping you get to grips with social media and online deals, or whether you have an existing business that wants to enhance their web presence. We have structured our rewards to range from a few adverts to a town solution and reseller model

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Our mantra is 'connecting the world, one community at a time'.

What is StreetPin?

StreetPin is all about using widely available technology to make the most of location, relevance and timing.

StreetPin revives an age-old way of connecting local communities - the ‘pin board’, or ‘notice board’. We bring this concept into the digital age, creating a sales and communication network.

Each pin board is a quick-to-create, customer-branded mini-site, available on web, mobile and tablet. Pin boards can stand alone or bolt on to existing web or mobile sites.

Please see our video for more info.

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