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What is StreetPin?

StreetPin, revives an age-old, tested way of connecting local communities - the ‘pin board’, or ‘notice board’. We bring this concept into the digital age.

Confused? See Getting started


Business / organisation?

Pin boards can be stand-alone as an instant, affordable sales and social media site, or as a bolt-on to existing sites. YOU keep control of all advertising - just yours, or become a local, interactive directory for more traffic.


StreetPin community

Discover the community on your doorstep, or the other side of the world. It's not about existing contacts - StreetPin is all about the location you're in, or one you're interested in.



StreetPin offers the ultimate in dual screening for the real world.

Interact with those sharing the same atmosphere


Targeted advertising

We know that advertising on web, mobile, apps etc can be daunting, so we make it simple! Forget about Pay per click, impressions and keywords - select your local community pin board(s) and post for £1 per week


What's here, now?

Dive straight in and start interacting with wherever is local right now - www.streetpin.com/here


If there's nothing of interest where you are, click the 'i' icon and create your own FREE pin board!

What is StreetPin

StreetPin is a digital network of local, community pin boards. Each pin board is essentially a small site that will provide a web, mobile and app presence for your club, shop, school, meeting place... Each pin board provides instant, local social media and the ability to advertise products or services cheaply and effectively to those ‘here and now’.

We seek to connect people by the environment, atmosphere or venue that they are currently sharing, rather than existing contacts, and we aim to bring this simple concept to a global audience. Our mantra is 'connecting the world, one community at a time'.

Our platform champions the 'big society' ethos where neighbours and visitors will have the opportunity to get involved with what's happening on their doorstep, via their local, interactive directory.


We're in 'beta', or trial stage right now, lot's happening, and we'd love to get your feedback!



StreetPin helps you interact with those in your current location, or a bar on the other side of the world. We believe in open, social communities, and enable you to discover conversations, recommendations and offers anywhere in the world.



We aim to bridge the gap between companies sending out leaflets for local awareness and bidding on keywords for online awareness - StreetPin facilitates interaction and marketing at a local level

Tim Buick - CEO StreetPin.com

For the community

Talk to those nearby

  • - Discover and interact with those in your location, now!
  • - Join a local community for a minute or a lifetime
  • - No community you like? Create your own, here, now, FREE

Your ads, your way!

  • - Search for the latest offers from LOCAL businesses
  • - Find events near you
  • - Sell your car, TV or even your time - gardening, babysitting...

In a nutshell, StreetPin is 'a global network of local discussions and deals'. Where some social networks depend on existing relationships - StreetPin is all about the environment or venue you're sharing, or one you're interested in.

Meet, chat, rant, question, review, start conversations about what is happening right here, right now - imagine in London, you were actually able to have a dialogue with a fellow commuter without them thinking you're crazy - 'trains are delayed, anyone want to share a cab?' Or you're on a business trip for a few days - "anyone fancy a beer?" Festival/event goers can discuss bands or best/worst toilets, travellers can swap advice and tips, or meet up with those in the same boat, plane, hotel...

For the retailer
  • - Simple and instant ‘online community’ package
  • - Discovery via our network, search engines and other social media
  • - Empty venue? Stock going out of date tomorrow? Post a deal for those here & now
  • - Advertise on other local communities, you know where your desired customers are!

Do you rely on static communication such as weekly flyers, ads in papers/circulars or annual entry in a directory?

Do you have small budgets and perhaps don't understand or see the benefit of advertising with pay-per-click or online deal aggregators?

Want to contact the audience here and now, and numbers from online aggregators just don't make sense?

Our business pin boards help venues, events, social clubs, colleges, small businesses... provide their own, localised social media and distribute tailored deals

Simplicity is key for us - you are able to create your branded pin board in minutes and add limitless offers of your own or include paid offers from non-competing businesses, producing a local, interactive directory and more awareness for you!

We offer an instant, search-engine-friendly community pin board, on which you can engage your customers and produce a branded sales and social media platform. For this discoverable web community, we charge £50 p.a. – less than a pound a week - less than hosting a static web page, a ¼ page advert in a circular, or approx 500 delivered leaflets. This can be a stand-alone web site, or connect to your existing site to add community and instant offer options

Create your pin board and offers now

Download our handy guide to creating and building your community

StreetPin - how to

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StreetPin offers the ultimate in dual screening* for the real world.

StreetPin boards:

  • - Can be set up in minutes, for ANY location
  • - Allows your attendees to interact before, during and after your event
  • - Enables you to offer value-add exposure for sponsors and supporters
  • - Can spread your news and announcements to your guests
  • - Allow you to promote and offer real-time offers
  • - Can change brands in minutes

Create your pin board and offers now

*dual screening - watching TV programmes and events at home whilst interacting via mobiles, lap tops and tablets

Targeted offers

Select a pin board that is relevant for your product/service due to location, category, traffic or your existing knowledge of the area. We remove variables and uncertainty and allow you to select the local pub, or school, or church, as YOU know the area far better than any search engine will. This advert is just £1 p/w per pin board.

Example: The Queen’s Head pub display window stickers, coasters and leaflets to create awareness. Customers visit the pin board regularly for banter and to catch impromptu offers and events. Salmon with a limited shelf life is posted at half price from 7pm as it’s a quiet night and preferable to disposals tomorrow. They also advertise a half price coffee on the neighbouring church and school pin boards during their traditionally quiet time on Tuesday mornings, coinciding with the school drop off and the finish of morning service. ‘Sarah’ also adds an advert to sell her high chair. She doesn’t understand pay-per-click, or keyword bidding, but she knows there are groups of mums meeting there, an advert is simple to produce and costs just £1 a week.

A sports shop with a new footwear promotion could spend £1 on a single search engine click from someone on the other side of the world. Alternatively, they could spend the same £1 to advertise on the local running club pin board, where it will be displayed to 50-100 runners within walking distance of the shop.

For larger advertisers; select all ‘sports’ pin boards, or all pin boards in ‘London’, or cherry pick pin boards by location or traffic.

Why use PPC again?

Create your pin board and offers now

StreetPin offers

Getting started

Visit www.streetpin.com/here on your mobile

  • - This will display a map of your current location
  • - The green pins on the map represent a community hub – this could be a shop, pub, school, church...
  • - You could search for a community on the map, or via a list of categories ordered by distance from your current location
  • - Clicking on a pin will display a ‘pin board’ – this has two main functions - Starting or joining conversations relevant to that community and Advertising relevant events, services or products
  • - If there is no community that you are interested in, click the ‘i’ button, where you can create your own, for FREE
  • - You can visit any pin board and read as many comments and offers as you like, and when you’re ready to reply or post your own questions/posts, simply register and this will become available
  • - Pin boards are open forums, allowing you to interact with those sharing an atmosphere or environment, rather than just your existing contacts
  • - Lost for something to do, or looking for a deal that is both local and relevant – check out what the hair dresser, pub, or local shop is offering. If you’re not sure about something, you can start a chat with those working there or other customers
  • - If you want to create your own branded pin board, or start advertising to other communities, please visit www.streetpin.com/publish

Download our handy guide to creating and building your community

StreetPin - how to

About StreetPin

The team is made up of web, mobile and travel enthusiasts. We're London-based but there are few places in the world we haven't been. We love to travel and meet locals or those with common mind-sets and goals. It's not that our friends are boring :) but we believe that there are a huge amount of situations where it would be great to share thoughts, questions and plans with those around us. We know that in most of the major cities you'd probably get at least a strange look and a slow shift away if you start talking to random people. We want to change that, with a safe and friendly approach


Tim Buick

Tim Buick

Derek Sansom

Derek Sansom

Nick Forster

Nick Forster

Clive Ellis

Clive Ellis
Tim Buick was the global web manager at STA Travel, the world’s largest youth travel agent. They have invested in StreetPin in order to create hubs of interaction and recommendations around the world.
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We'd love to hear from you, good and bad, so that we can strive to make this a better service for all: hello@streetpin.com


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