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What is StreetPin?

StreetPin revives an age-old way of connecting local communities - the ‘pin board’, or ‘notice board’. We bring this concept into the digital age, creating a sales and communication network for the High Street.

We provide mobile marketing for the masses and offer a ‘community-in-a-box’ solution which helps you instantly create relevant, local hubs of information on mobile and web. You then bring the conversation, add your social media, connect to news feeds and YOU control the advertising.

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Our mantra is 'connecting the world, one community at a time'.

Coming Soon

We will be launching our beta (test) version of StreetPin at Tech City Roadshow in the Whitgift Centre, Croydon on the 29th May

Join us for our trial and once registered, you’ll be able to create your own FREE pin boards for your club, shop, park, college, event…

We will also be talking about the digital high street at the Croydon Heritage Festival on June 30th

Create your own FREE pin boards for your club, shop, park, college or event

Crowd Funding

We are looking to prove our concept with the beta version of StreetPin, and subsequently raise £30k to create and promote our launch product in Croydon, with a little help from our friends (see below). This will form the blueprint for approaching the other 11,000 High Streets in the UK.

Each has approximately 250 retailers and organisations, meaning a potential market of 2,750,000 shops, services and organisations in the UK. We will also be evaluating other markets including events, residential, education etc. as well as progressing relationships with resellers and partnerships.

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